Grants & Awards

Grant from Action IDEX Paris-Saclay 2018

« Support for innovative practical teaching platforms » to assess the synergy of cardiovascular adaptations to exercise using NIRS (near-infrared spectroscopy) and heart rate monitor

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Award for the best oral communication, 8th European Sport medicine congress of EFSMA and the 6th congress of the SFMES et SFTS, Strasbourg, France. September 26-28, 2013.

                   Gernigon, M., Chaudru, S., de Müllenheim, PY., Caron, N., Bruneau, A., Bickert, S., Noury-Desvaux, B., Prioux, J., Le Faucheur, A. Validity of global positioning system, and comparison with accelerometry, in the estimation of energy expenditure during horizontal and grade walking and running on the field. European Journal of Sports Medicine. 2013; V1; 88-89; S1.

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